Using PayPal for Vacation Rentals by Owner :: Beware Spending Limit

Have you heard of this? Using PayPal to process your vacation rental charges (deposits, rents, cleaning fees) and hitting the limit? Here’s an interesting problem I copied from a Yahoo vacation rental forum. When guests pay rent via PayPal… there is a charging limit.

Why use PayPal for vacation Rentals? Vacation rental merchant accounts are expensive and can be complicated to set up. When taking reservations, you have to explain how paying online works to guests, email them instructions. It’s even more complicated when you are managing your owner direct rental via your iPhone or Blackberry.

On top of that confusion, you also need a secure way to get the rental cash into your pocket. It’s a long way from the guest, via secure gateway, transfer to merchant bank, transfer to business account, transfer into owner’s wallet (minus various taxes)… all these steps can take a long time and a lot of effort.

There must be a better way to process rental payments online. PayPal seems simple, right?

Since I’ve been running a Whistler Vacation Rental by Owner (VRBO) website for over a decade, it is in my best interest to figure out the best way to process online payments for your vacation rental homes. PayPal is only one option. You can see what we do at…

I just read this interesting problem with using PayPal to process vacation rental credit card transactions…

> I can confess that I know what the issue is in this case as this
> happened to me in the past. When a user sends payments without a
> PayPal account, PayPal assigns a limit on how much they can send.
> they reach that limit, PayPal does not let them send payments until
> after they create an account and confirm their bank details. This had
> happened to me in the past where the guest was able to send a down
> payment and several weeks later cannot send the final payment unless
> they create an account. Further, per PayPal CS, the limit applies to
> all customers (without an account) and the limit amount is arbitrarily
> assigned by the system.

PayPal stories? If you have any PayPal stories of your own, please leave a comment below…

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