New Chairlifts in Harmony & Crystal Zones

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Video of Fresh Snow & New Lifts

Snow is falling on Whistler Blackcomb as construction gets closer to completion on two new chairlifts in the Harmony and Crystal zones.

Just weeks away from the mountain’s Nov. 28 opening date, Whistler Blackcomb gave Global News a preview of what skiers and snowboarders can look forward to.

From excavating the bases of the chairs to using a helicopter long-line to fly in towers, the construction has taken months to complete.

The new Crystal Ridge Express is a high-speed quad lift with its terminal along the Blackcomb Glacier Road ski-out.

Whole story on Global.

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Whistler Lift Ticket Prices go Up November 15th

Whistler vacation rental owners who advertise here are eligible for Whistler lift ticket discounts for all of their guests. No fuss. No paperwork. No phone calls.

Owners Offer Discounted Lift Tickets with Vacation Rentals

Whistler Lift Ticket Discounts

Whistler Lift Ticket Discounts :: Order Online

Whistler Blackcomb Discount Lift Tickets are cheapest till November 15th. Lift ticket prices go up November 16th.

Guests order lift tickets online & save… Owners don’t have to lift a finger.

If you have any questions about our Whistler lift ticket service, please contact us here.

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Whistler Vacation Rental Check-Out Checklist

Vacation Rental Check-out Checklist for OwnersAwesome tips for Whistler home owners from the Rent by Owner Guide.

Having experienced a wide variety of check out checklists, as a vacation rental guest, I wholly endorse these suggestions…

For those tasks that you must ask your guests to complete, you should communicate them in as frictionless and helpful a way as possible. In other words, don’t bury your check-out instructions in the middle of a multi-page screed that contains every detail any guest might want to know during their entire stay.

Information about your property’s amenities, lists of restaurants, grocery stores, how to connect to wifi, and “things to do” in your area are best kept in a binder at the property or at least in a separate document. Give them a check-out checklist.

The often hectic and stressful transition from blissful vacation back to regular work-a-day life that a check-out morning is for most guests means they need all the help being organized that you can possibly give them.

Currently, we rely on a single-page bulleted checklist, which includes only a handful of items. The list is short and simple and printed using a large-sized font. Imagine the logical order in which each task might be done on a check-out morning.

For example, stripping the beds and taking out the trash could be listed first, and items like locking all windows and doors and leaving the key could be the very last items on the list.

Note: Harkening back to being realistic about what you expect your renters to do versus your cleaning service, you may wonder why we ask our guests to strip the beds and separate the towels, as that could be something best left to the cleaner. But the main purpose of this is not so much to save the cleaner time, as to help your guests avoid leaving behind personal items hidden in the tangle of sheets, or accidentally packing some of your towels in with their belongings.)

Depending on your preferred style, you may wish to inject some humor, if possible, in your list of instructions. Include a “please” or two, to make your instructions sound more friendly – or short explanatory comments that will make them fun to read and hopefully more memorable.

Also, if there’s space on the sheet, leave some blanks for your guests to use as a handy spot to write down a task or two of their own (drop off the rental bikes, pack the cell phone chargers, etc.). In this way, your list is not just to help you; it also can be an extra help to them!

Read the whole article here: Rent by Owner Guide

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When Vacation Rental Guests are Locked Out – Are Owners Responsible?

Vacation Rental Guest Locked OutWhistler guest service is impacted hugely when happy vacationers lose their keys…

I have to admit, I’m slightly buffered from the front line (since I run a vacation rental by owner website). However, if a guest books their rental through my websites and is now locked out, there is a chance I’ll get the panic call.

Here’s a great little article discussing who’s to blame, the media, and how forgotten keys can ruin a great vacation…

“I’m always disappointed when I see reporting in the media such as this story from our own Canadian based CTV News. It’s about a couple from British Columbia who rented an apartment in Paris from a private listing on Airbnb. On one day of their vacation they inadvertently locked themselves out of the apartment and when unable to locate the owner, who was out of the country, had to employ a locksmith to let them in , and then replace the lock at a cost of over $2000. They contacted Airbnb who they claimed were little help.”

“Here we were in France, in a foreign country with a foreign language with my wife, and we were completely abandoned by Airbnb, it was absolutely no support, no backup” said Mawhinney.

…However, with the help of the consumer watchdog at BC CTV who intervened on their behalf they got their money back from Airbnb but that was not enough for the ‘hapless couple’ …

“When you most need your travel support, when you most need a champion in your corner, I think is when you’re going to a foreign country and I’m not sure that I would use them again,” said Mawhinney.

… some responsibility lays with the owner for not providing an alternative method of entry but the media article doesn’t mention the owner at all. For all we know, the neighbour or building supervisor had a spare key, but of course that would not have made the news.

…When they were told the property manual had details of where the spare key was, the response floored us:

“We’re on vacation, not here to read a bunch of instructions”

These stories highlight an important issue for all of us – that we need to keep one step ahead of the new generation of guests, who are less self reliant and more in need of guidance and hand-holding.

Guest Worst-Case Scenarios…

  • guests get locked out
  • there is a power outage
  • the septic tank backs up
  • an essential appliance fails

Read the whole article on

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Whistler Condo Prices Walloped by the Perfect Storm

Whistler Real Estate PricesUpdate for Whistler condo owners from Sutton Group and Whistler Real Estate Co. If you already own a Whistler condo, this is not news to you. In the market to purchase your condo in Whistler and you will most likely enjoy this condo pricing update from The Globe & Mail…

Five years after financial crisis, B.C. resort town Whistler still reeling

As Matthew Callaghan sees it, there are bargains galore in the B.C. resort of Whistler.

The real estate agent has listed a one-bedroom condo-hotel unit on Main Street, near Whistler Olympic Plaza for $159,000. That’s a 48-per-cent discount from the 2004 sale price of $303,500 for the 506-square-foot property at the Delta Whistler Village Suites.

“Whistler used to be more expensive than Vancouver, but not any more,” said Mr. Callaghan, who works at Sutton Group.

Although the real estate market in most of Canada has long left the financial crisis behind, Whistler is still picking up the pieces. While Greater Vancouver’s average housing prices have surged 32 per cent since 2007, Whistler’s property prices have tumbled an average of 23.5 per cent from their peak six years ago…

“The sad part is that it’s nothing that Whistler did itself,” said James Chase, chief executive officer of the B.C. Hotel Association. “Whistler is collateral damage from the financial markets tightening up, and everyone is still adjusting after the meltdown. What’s going on in Whistler real estate is playing out in many other recreational resorts across North America and around the world.”

Real estate experts say Whistler’s housing market got walloped by the perfect storm. Credit dried up in the fall of 2008 and consumers shied away from buying vacation homes. Whistler, which enjoyed an influx of American investors in the late 1990s and early 2000s, also watched the Canadian dollar rise against the U.S. dollar – knocking out many prospective purchasers from the Seattle area and other regions in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. Real estate agents estimate that nearly 80 per cent of people buying Whistler homes this year are from British Columbia – that’s higher than in the past, when international residents played a larger role…

Condo-hotel units have been hit the hardest by the downturn in Whistler’s real estate market, and hotel room rates have yet to bounce back to pre-recession levels…

Elizabeth Chaplin, an agent with Whistler Real Estate Co. Ltd., said the deep discounts may not last long. During a two-hour tour of an array of properties, Ms. Chaplin said Whistler’s residential market appears to have bottomed in 2011 and has been inching its way along the road of recovery since then. There were 587 sales last year in Whistler, up 7 per cent from 2011.

“There are still pockets in the real estate market that have a long way to climb out of their hole. There is quality product with good location and good pricing,” Ms. Chaplin said. While condo-hotel units have fallen to 1999 pricing levels, the rest of the property market is healthier and closer to conditions in 2003-04, she added.

Whistler Condo prices:

It feels like 1999 all over again for prices of Whistler condo-hotel units.

A condo-hotel unit that sold for $329,000 in 1999, for instance, fetched $315,000 in April this year. The same one-bedroom unit was listed for $799,000 in 2006, though it didn’t sell.

For all properties on the Whistler Listing System, from condos to single-family detached homes, the average price was $907,660 in 2007. In the first eight months of this year, the average price was $694,083 – 4.6 per cent higher than in 2011, but 23.5 per cent below the record-high posted in 2007…

Prices for all types of Whistler condos averaged $341,461 in the first eight months of this year, down 36 per cent from 2007. Townhouse prices have declined 25 per cent since 2007 to an average of $696,540…

Story by Brent Jang
Source: Globe  Mail

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10 ways to make your Vacation Rental website more successful

Vacation Rental Website Marketing

Vacation Rental Website Marketing

Coles Notes Version of 10 ways to make your Vacation Rental website more successful

Rent By Owner Guide does a great job of explaining why (and how) you can get more of your own website traffic, and increase your vacation rental reservations.

  • Having your own rental website costs way less than it used to.
  • Setting up and running your own vacation rental website is also way easier in 2013.

One thing you must have, in order to be successful at managing your own vacation rental property, is your own website. But I was recently reminded that not all vacation rental owners with a website get a lot of value from it. In fact, there are many owners that pull in a good number of bookings from their paid listings, but have never achieved a booking through their own websites. If that describes your experience, you are squandering an opportunity for better returns.

… as the number of bookings garnered through our own site increases, we are less and less dependent on the major listing sites. As the industry continues to evolve, we feel a growing independence from paid listings is important to our future as vacation rental owners.

There are a lot of ways to build a vacation rental website, and a lot of companies that can help you create a professional-looking site with high functionality…  Most of the following methods are free (except for the time you spend). The two that do cost some money are marked.

  1. Link to it
  2. Blog
  3. Google Places
  4. Adwords ($$)
  5. Newsletter
  6. Facebook page
  7. Facebook ads ($$)
  8. Twitter
  9. Craigslist
  10. Google Analytics

- See more at:

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Summer 2013 Whistler Room Nights Break Records

Whistler Hotel Rates Up

Whistler Hotel Rates Up for Summer 2013

June and July busiest on the books, Whistler hotel rates up

Tourism Whistler confirmed this week what everyone in Whistler already suspects — summer 2013 is one for the record books.

June’s room nights were up 15 per cent over last year, making it the busiest June on record.

July’s room nights were up seven per cent over last year in terms of room nights booked, and July 2013 now stands as the busiest on record too, beating out July 2011.

While August room numbers for the resort are not officially tallied, early indications are that the resort was busier last month than August 2012.

“We continue to see significant increases in room nights from both our regional and destination markets,” said Barrett Fisher, Tourism Whistler’s president and CEO. “Summer 2013 is shaping up to be Whistler’s strongest summer on record.”

But the volume of room nights is just one part of the picture. Room rates were also up.

In June, all key performance indicators including RevPAR (revenue per available room), ADR (average daily room rate) and paid occupancy were above the ten-year average.

While the destination market was flat compared with last June, the regional market was up significantly.

In July, both regional and destinations markets were up over the previous year. Similarly, paid room nights and RevPAR were notably higher than the 10-year average while ADR was slightly below.

“Increased travel demand, recovering group business and increased marketing efforts to encourage early summer bookings have resulted in strong results for the resort,” said Fisher.

“A robust calendar of festivals and events throughout the summer — including the addition of Ironman Canada — coupled with strong weather also had a positive impact on our results.”

Source: The Pique Newsmagazine

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Whistler Discount Lift Tickets :: Order Online for 2013-14 Season

Whistler Lift Ticket Discounts

Whistler Lift Ticket Discounts :: 2013-14

This year several Whistler home owners contacted me the same week to order discounted lift tickets to go with their rental home.

We are ready to take your orders…
2013-2014 Whistler Blackcomb Lift Ticket Orders Online.

We realized that many Whistler vacation rental owners are unaware that they can package discounted Whistler lift tickets with their vacation rental homes. Some owners are SHOCKED when I tell they can offer discounted Whistler Blackcomb lift tickets when renting vacation homes to foreign guests.

We’ve been using our proven Whistler Lift Ticket order system for over a decade. 100′s of happy Whistler guests.

Simple and secure process:

  1. Advertise your Whistler vacation rental on
  2. Direct your guests to our Fast & Secure Lift Ticket Order Page
  3. Relax, knowing that your guest is getting a discount and great service

We’ve been selling discounted tickets for many years and deliver on our promise to the guest…

Save time.
Save money.
Fast, secure service from Whistler local office.

Troy Assaly, Owner

Troy Assaly, Owner

Contact Troy Assaly, Owner if you have any questions or need help with anything to do with your Whistler vacation rental home.

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Do You Believe in Listing Sites like HomeAway?

According to Matt from, vacation rental marketing is changing and he doesn’t believe in listing sites.

Today, the two most integral aspects of our equation – running a small business and determining how travelers pick their accommodations – are being done in entirely different ways. No longer do small businesses have to hire fancy firms or expensive consultants. No longer do travelers have to rely on old-fashioned travel agents.

And in this brand new environment, one of the least obvious yet most pronounced shifts sits right in the middle of those two aspects: how should owners advertise their property?

At the crux of the answer is a power shift from marketing wealth to marketing talent.

This is both good and bad news.

It is good news because now you don’t need much money: a vacation rental property’s success hinges on the talent and persistence of its owner, not the depth of their pockets.

In a recent study, the best vacation rental owners in the world were the ones who were optimistic, who set goals, who wanted to learn, and who saw problems as challenges. This is good because we are not tied down by any financial boundaries.

It is bad because no longer do we have a surefire panacea.

Today’s talent-oriented rule of vacation rental marketing is becoming more and more pronounced thanks to a few realizations:

1. A directory listing does not constitute a business

2. Transparency is here, whether you like it or not

3. Being helpful and telling stories is your new full-time job

Read Matt’s whole article at

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Winter Rental Wanted: Professional Couple, Mid 50′s, Dec 1st to April 30th

Hello Troy,

My Wife and I would like to find a rental in Whistler for the entire winter season. December 1st through April 30th. I know some homeowners will entertain starting after the Christmas week so they can get the peak rental week in. I am somewhat flexible on the dates. What ever we can work out.

We are both 56 and gainfully employed. Nonsmokers, no pets or kids. I am currently an Airline Captain for FedEx. I fly their International routes in a Md-11, which is basically a modern stretched version of the DC-10. My Wife has a Woman’s retail business with two shops. One in the Boston area and the other on Martha’s Vineyard.

We are looking for a furnished condo or small house with a washer dryer and a full kitchen. A garage is not necessary as long as there is adequate parking.

Last time I rented for the entire season in Whistler it was very difficult to find a seasonal rental. I ended up renting from a condo owner in Vancouver who did not use his place in the winter. It was a lucky find.

We own a Home on Martha’s Vineyard which we rented quite extensively in the past so we know what it is to have good tenants who take care of the place. I take most of my vacation in the winter so I have a lot of time to ski. We have rented in Colorado, Utah, and Whistler over the last 20 years. With shorter stays in Europe.

I greatly appreciate any leads.

Whistler Rental Wanted
Whistler Vacation Rental Wanted :: Dec to April

My phone is 907-250-8080.
My email is Jack.Highalpine(at)

My email is more reliable than the phone as sometimes I am overseas for 14 days at a time and don’t always receive my messages.

Cheers, Jack

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